CaseIntel offers a variety of technology services to the Energy and Telecom industries, including custom software and database development, systems integration and related consulting, and advisory services for complex, highly available and highly secure implementations. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Oracle, AutoCAD and GIS technologies, and work with a number of utilities across the nation. CaseIntel products and services bring value to our clients by enhancing GIS and Autodesk drawings used by utility planners, engineers, mappers and construction personnel for designing and maintaining networked and looped radial electrical infrastructure. CaseIntel’s deep understanding of the CAD user furthers our ability to efficiently and effectively provide solutions needed by our clients.

CaseIntel designs and delivers custom software solutions involving Autodesk, Oracle and GIS where large volumes of complex data needs to be securely stored, synchronized, and highly available for use throughout the enterprise by the engineering and operational areas of the company. We are also highly adept at developing and implementing software solutions involving Intergraph and Alstom Grid based products.

CaseIntel has the expertise to plan, design, develop and implement data integration strategies involving enterprise governance, architecture and data modeling. We help clients move their projects from the planning/blueprinting phase to production using a combination of commercially off the shelf products and our own highly robust and targeted value added solutions. We further ensure long-term success for our client implementations through skillful and accessible post go-live support to our clients.

Finally, through our managed services and operations support capability, we ensure that your large database systems are highly secure and available 24/7. Our experienced DBAs monitor and administer client systems, software and databases, and safeguard our client’s critical technologies to ensure business continuity and peak system performance is achieved.