CaseIntel Corporation

Headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington, CaseIntel Corporation is an independent software provider that specializes in enterprise-grade solutions for engineering-driven companies that build and support Energy Distribution infrastructure.

Our flagship software platform, NetGISTM, addresses problems faced by Engineering managers who oversee the design, build, upgrade and maintenance of core network infrastructure. Power plants, Data Centers, Utility Vaults and other complex distribution facilities built years ago are continually maintained and upgraded over time, but the underlying engineering drawings that document the infrastructure quickly become out of date and unreliable. Lack of confidence in the reliability of asset and connectivity data ties up Engineering resources for field verification, causes rework and over-specification of equipment, and results in cost and schedule overruns.

NetGISTM solves these problems.

NetGISTM provides for full GIS-CAD integration in a single enterprise database where AutoCAD data and field changes are synchronized within and between drawings with strong engineering rules support. This enables enterprise-wide standardization and control of mapping data, a 'single source of truth' between engineering, planning and field crews, improved engineering responsiveness and reduced cost overruns and delays.

Our full portfolio of offerings include: